Sunday, April 29, 2012

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                Today we live in a creative world in which our productivity depends on how efficient we are at using our minds.
 Every human being is born being a genius. In a study, children that were two to four years old were tested and 95% of them resulted to be highly creative, imaginative, and innovative. Also, they showed a high capacity for abstract thinking. The same test was done on the same children when they were about seven years of age and only four percent tested out as highly creative. This is because, according to the video, being creative and thinking abstractly is discouraged in children.
Intelligence follows the law of use. This law says that with any human faculty, if we don’t use it we lose it. This higher, “superconscious” intelligence seen on children and on great minds like Mozart and Edison is never totally lost. Instead, it becomes a latent capability that is always available for us. In order to take full advantage of this intelligence, we have to trust and have faith in the value of our insights and thoughts. Also, we have to set clear goals, be positive and have a relaxed state of mind. Concentration is also essential when trying to formulate answers to our problems.
Creativity and abstract thinking is described as a muscle; the more we use it, the more of it we have. And if we exercise it often it, the easier it will become to see things from different perspectives, therefore allowing us to solve problems more efficiently.

                This video describes intelligence as being both nature and nurture. From the nature point of view, it says that everybody is born with the same capability and that this “superconscious” intelligence is innate in human beings. On the other hand, it is also affected by the way we are brought up and the way we ourselves use our mental abilities in daily life. Our motivations and environment also make a difference, which shows that the nurture idea is very important when it comes to intelligence.

Why is creativity said to be discouraged in today’s world?
If intelligence is indeed innate, does everyone have the same level of intelligence or does it vary?

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